• provide in-house smartphone application creation for clients

Skeeble is used by communication agencies and designers to create mobile applications for clients quickly and easily. When the application is ready they can hand it over to the client with a built in content management system. It's easy !

Many agencies use Skeeble when the client's budget does not justify a hand coded application because so much of the hard work associated with building a site comes for free. Because Skeeble deals with all the technical infrastructure and cross browser issues it allows the reseller to focus on contents, design and user experience of the application without having to worry about any of this.

As a resellers you can keep all your sites on the same master account (username/password). It's easy to administer your client applications, though you can also create users for each client so that they have full edit rights on their own application too. The users can do everything you can do, except see the account panel or billing information.

Resellers can use any Skeeble package. If you need more information please contact us.